Current Detector

Faced with increasingly frequent electrical risks linked to illegal connections, the Leader VOLT electricity detector can be used to remotely secure a working zone in all circumstances without any contact. With several sensitivity modes, this voltage detector immediately indicates the risk of alternating current through an audio and visual alarm.


Through its directional detection technology, it can also be used to locate the potential source of risk and therefore secure the working zone.

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Current Detector

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  • Electric Current / Voltage Detector Leader

    Electric Current / Voltage Detector Leader Volt

    High sensitivity amplifier that detects AC
    • Detects alternating current
      Audio and visual warning of the presence of alternating current (AC) without even having contact with the power source.
    • 3 sensitivity modes
      • High sensitivity: For remote inspection.
      • Low sensitivity: Helps find the source of the current.
      • Focus mode: Precisely detects the current in the axial direction of the device and reduces the influence of other nearby cables.
    • Main applications
      • Urban Search and Rescue: Detects unknown sources of AC.
      • Fire: During and after fires.
      • Vehicle extractions: Verification of AC presence before intervention.
      • Rescue in Confined Spaces: Verification of power supply at the entrance of a site.
      • Natural Disasters: Verification of AC presence after earthquakes, storms, floods or snowstorms.
      • Trench rescue: For locating potential sources of electrical hazards during rescue operations.
    • Lightweight and autonomous
      With a weight of less than 2.2 lbs, Leader VOLT current detector provides one year of service with a set of alkaline batteries.
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