Positive Pressure Ventilation fans

Based on our high-performance positive pressure ventilation fan designs used in firefighting around the world, the 24-IND showcases some of our best work: A low profile roll cage frame, high CFM output shroud, blade, engine and a number of features which make it incredibly easy to move, adjust and store. Most importantly, the 24-IND is able to perform PPV, the most efficient and effective means of ventilating structures.

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Positive Pressure Ventilation fans

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  • Electric Powered 24-IND PPV Fan Positive Pressure Ventilation fans Tempest

    Electric Powered 24-IND PPV Fan

    Ideal for conducting (PPV) during interior ventilation applications.
    • AirFlex Composition Impeller
      These uniquely designed impeller “wings” deliver maximum air volume (CFM), velocity and pressure. They’re manufactured from a high strength composite which are intended to disintegrate if struck by any foreign objects. This ensures any broken blade fragments do not leave the safety of the grill and shroud.
    • High CFM Output
      The 24-IND is nearly identical to our popular line of Firefighting fans. Due to the conditions in which these fans operate, high performance and maximum CFM is a must; exactly what you can expect with your 24-IND. The engine and fan blades are paired specifically with one another to provide the most effective and efficient ventilation possible.
    • The Turbo 2000 Shroud
      The Turbo 2000 Shroud is the same shroud equipped on our line of Fire Rescue fans, which are used by firefighters around the world. The redesigned inward curve and front of the shroud increases air velocity by up to 30%. This results in faster, more aggressive ventilation in a smaller shroud profile.
    • Positive Pressure Ventilator
      The 24-IND is a member of the Tempest PPV family; short for positive pressure ventilators. This fan in particular is designed specifically to incorporate positive pressure when ventilating interior environments, the most effective interior ventilation technique available.
      Every bend and cross brace weld is structurally engineered to give the fan's frame more strength and durability, improving its strength to weight ratio by as much as 30%. The frame is specifically designed to give protection to nearly all angles and sides of the shroud and motor, and doubles as a handle for lifting/carrying.
      The 24-IND comes standard with a single speed electric TEFC motor with an output of 1.0 HP or the option of being equipped with a 2.0 HP variable speed motor. This specific motors are both matched perfectly with the fan blade’s size and pitch to produce the most effective air movement possible.
      The 8" non-pneumatic wheels equipped on the 24-IND will never go flat and large enough to cross all types of terrain. Well-secured, you'll be able to drag this fan over and through almost anything.
      Every Tempest fan grilles is manufactured to meet UL & CE safety requirements. These specific standards and measurements ensure that foreign objects won't make their way into contact with the fan's blades.
      The Explosion Proof Motor option is rated to operate safely in Class I, Groups C & D and Class II, Groups F & G environments. This engine is also shown with an Explosion proof ON/OFF switch. When dealing with potentially flammable environments, EP is a must. The EP option is only available with the single speed motor configuration.
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