Usar Equipment Accessories 295' Extension Cable On Reel For Leader Search Cameras

295′ extension cable for victim search camera

  • To extend the search distance with a search camera
    The 90 m extension cable on the reel allows the use of a search camera at a greater distance from the control box and allows vertical inspections by lowering the camera at the end of the cable (e.g. vertical descent in a deep cavity such as a well).
    The reel can be coupled to a second reel of 295′ to propose a length of 590′.
    A 1st pair can move away from the control box with the camera to inspect the surrounding cavities while the other pair focuses on the screen without moving.
  • Orange anti-abrasion cable
    The high-strength coating of the cable makes it resist tears, cuts, friction, etc.
    The orange color is a guarantee of visibility.


  • Extension Cable Search Camera in 90m situation – USAR Accessories
  • Extension Cable Search Camera – USAR Accessories

product characteristics

The 295′ extension cable on reel increases search distances with LEADER search camera

High-strength orange anti-abrasion cable.

Data Sheet


LENGTH 295′ cable
TYPE Orange anti-abrasion cable


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