About Tempest

Over three decades ago Tempest found its start in producing quality American made hot-air balloon inflators. Shortly after inception, we helped pioneer a new firefighting technique called positive pressure ventilation/attack or PPV/PPA. Our high-performance inflators were just what the fire industry was looking for to deploy this groundbreaking tactic. PPV became well known for its success along with Tempest’s reputation for being the first and only manufacturer with the perfect tool for the job at hand. In 2018 Tempest became part of the Leader Group family and is now able to offer a much more extensive range of products.



Very well established at the national level, Tempest Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of fire and rescue equipment in the USA. In 2017 the LEADER Group also one of the world’s leading suppliers of fire and rescue equipment purchased Tempest Technology. The LEADER GROUP is composed of 3 companies with complementary businesses: LEADER, BIOEX, and TEMPEST.

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Quality & Reliability

Tempest has always been at the forefront of product innovation and evolution. However, a few things haven’t changed, and in our minds, they shouldn’t. Quality, reliable tools, and equipment made here, in the United States of America is a defining characteristic of the Tempest name. Every ventilator we build only uses materials provided by trusted local suppliers. We’ve spent decades perfecting the design and manufacturing of our products. It’s not uncommon to find Tempest brand ventilators built over 20 years ago still being used to this day. You’re not just buying a Tempest product, you’re investing in a tool that is built to last.

Service and Support About Tempest

Service & Support

When you buy a product you also purchase the service and support provided by the company that manufactured it. This philosophy is the cornerstone of Tempest’s business. Every Tempest employee is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best in care and support – before, during, and after the sale. We only distribute through dealers chosen for their shared commitment in this unending pursuit, further ensuring our customers are always taken care of.