Stability Monitor Sentry B1

Stability Monitor Sentry B1 Ladder with Tripod
Stability Monitor Leader Sentry B1 Top View –Tempest Monitors
Stability Monitor Sentry B1 Suitcase

A laser monitors the distance of the target to be monitored and triggers an alarm if the movement threshold set is exceeded.

  • Firefighter and USAR applications
    Leader SENTRY laser allows the user to monitor the distance of the structure to be monitored during a fire, as well as during a rescue-clearance operation.
  • Accurate for optimal safety
    Leader SENTRY detects a movement of 0.2in at a distance of 165 ft. A telescopic sight can point accurately the unstable structure targeted.
  • Versatility
    Multiple maximum movement thresholds (from 0.2 to 4 in)
    can be selected. When a movement is sensed that exceeds the selected threshold, the sound alarm is triggered (98 dB).
    It continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes on its screen for real-time awareness.


  • Stability Controller for Unstable Structure – USAR Equipment
  • Stability Controller for Movement Detection – USAR Equipment
  • Stability Controller for Secure USAR Working Zone – USAR Equipment
  • Stability Controller for Wireless USAR Operation – USAR Equipment

product characteristics

Leader SENTRY is a stability monitor that detects the structural movements of an unstable building. Its laser continuously monitors detected movements and displays
changes on its screen for real-time awareness.

Leader SENTRY can detect a 0.2in structure movement at a distance of 165ft! A telescopic sight helps to point the laser accurately at the targeted unstable structure.

It allows firefighters and USAR teams to be alerted by a visual and audio alarm (98dB) during a structure movement, however small, is detected.

Data Sheet


PRIMARY FUNCTION Monitors movements of unstabilized and stabilized structures at distance (165ft) = far safer
CONFIGURATIONS Sentry Single (1 laser head)
RISK DURING IMPLEMENTATION None as it is done in a chosen safe area and before any risk is taken, monitoring larger structurers and larger areas of work, thus protecting larger numbers of people
TECHNOLOGY Telemeter laser beam
MONITORING METHOD Monitors and detects movements from 0.1″ to 4″.
Several thresholds (0.1″,0.2″,0.4″,0.8″,1.6″,2.8″ and 4″)
LIVE MONITORING Sentry displays distance to target(s) in real time for movement evaluation allowing to choose relevant threshold
ALARM 1 audible alarm level at 98 dB ensures alarm to be heard or OFF or Mute
ALARM OPTION Sentry proposes an out put source to plug a remote loud speaker
FLASH LIGHT 3 powerful LEDs for an about 360° visibility that give working signal or visual alarm
FILTERS Short-duration interruptions of the beam passing through it (e.g. people, birds etc.) are filtered.
ENVIRONNEMENT Designed for external positioning during fire and rescue responses
SPECIALTIES An optional wireless remote control can be paired allowing easy management from the rubble pile at a distance of 330 ft.
110/220V 50/60 Hz mains power pack
12-24V cable with vehicule AC adaptor
AAA alkaline cell batteries
External optional rechargeable battery
RUNNING TIME By using the external optional rechargeable battery:
45 hrs (1 laser)
By using standard batteries:
8 hrs AAA alkaline cell batteries
IP IP 55
SHAPE 1 laser head on tripod with integrated control board
WARRANTY 24 months


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