Usar Equipment Accessories R90 Camera On Reel

Disconnectable articulated camera on reel with 295′ or 590′  of cable

  • Articulated and disconnectable
    R90 camera has a flexible articulated head that absorbs shock allowing a movement of 170° and a field of vision of 260°.
    For the new generation with disconnectable pole, the camera head can be disconnected from its pole to be used with the reel.
  • Integrated communication and illumination system
    The head is equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker to help the communication victim-rescuers.
    It also has 8 levels of illumination at the end of its head to light up dark places.
  • Push to talk
    The communication system on the control box is of the “Push to talk” type. The helmet microphone is activated by pressing the button on the control box.
  • 90 m or 180 m cable options
    Optional length of the orange anti-abrasion cable to go down more or less deeply into the dark cavities. 2 interconnected 295 ft cables allow to go down to 590 ft.
    The camera head is waterproof up to 6.5 ft thanks to loudspeaker plugs.


  • Search Camera R90 Reel Confined Space – USAR Accessories
  • Search Camera R90 on Reel - USAR Accessories
  • Search Camera R90 Reel Confined Space – USAR Accessories


LEADER R90 camera is an accessory dedicated to LEADER Cam & Hasty search camera. It makes visual search possible in wells, crevices and other recesses that require cable length.

R90 is articulated and disconnectable to enlarge the visual search field with 8 levels of LED illumination.

It also has a built-in communication system for dialogue with buried victims.

Data Sheet


CAMERA Adjustable and disconnectable
CABLE LENGTH 295′ (1 reel) or 590′ (1 reel 295′)
DIAMETER 0.04″ to fit in standard 1.19″core holes
CAMERA ARTICULATION 170° (85° to right and 85° to left)
FIELD OF VIEW 260° in total
TYPE OF ARTICULATION Motorised electric rotation with flexible articulation to absorb shocks
LIGHTING 8 LED with 8 illumination levels
COMMUNICATION Microphone/loudspeaker integrated for half-duplex communication with victim
CAMERA PROTECTION Scratch-proof sapphire lens
WATER RESISTANCE Up to 2m WITH water-resisting plug on the Microphone/Loudspeaker


Cutsheet PDF Product Manual PDF