Usar Equipment Accessories 82' Extension Cable For Leader Search Camera

82′ extension cable for victim search camera

  • Use of remote search camera
    A cable extension of 82 ft increases the distance between the control box and the camera head to lower the camera at the end of the cable or simply allow a greater flexibility of search between pairs in the field: One operates the camera remotely in several places thanks to the long cable and the other focuses on the screen without moving to visualise what is pointed by the camera.
  • Orange anti-abrasion cable
    The cable is made with a very strong coating to avoid any risk of breaking, tearing or being cut. Orange cable to be easily seen.


  • USAR Equipment Accessories-25m Extension cable for Search Camera

product characteristics

The 82′ cable extension allows to search further with LEADER search camera.

High-strength orange anti-abrasion cable.

Data Sheet


LENGTH 82′ cable
TYPE Orange anti-abrasion cable


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