The VS-1.2D DEWALT battery-driven blower delivers a level of utility and performance found with no other battery-driven blower with the convenience of DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V batteries.

  • 40-Minute Run-Time
    With all 3 DEWALT 60V 12AH Batteries, blower will run for an average of 40 minutes or you can run off of just 1 or 2 batteries.
  • 10,887 CFM Tested to AMCA Standards
    A tapered lightweight steel shroud and uniquely designed composite impeller delivers maximum air volume (CFM), velocity and pressure from the VS-1.2
  • Removable Battery
    1 and up to 3 Lithium Ion Batteries in succession with 2-hour quick charge.
  • Only 51 lbs. with 3 Batteries
    The welded tubular aluminum frame design makes it easy to roll or lift. US Patent #.: US 11,333,291 B2 
  • Conversion Kits Available
    Have an older VS-1 or VS-1.2? We have kits that can convert both the original VS-1 or VS-1.2 into DEWALT-Powered Blowers.
  • Other Features
    -Variable Speed motor rated at IP65
    -Thin-Vane air straightener grill and composite impeller
    -LED flow-path lighting positioned low for visibility below the smoke
    -Tapered lightweight steel shroud maximizes airflow performance
    -Ergonomic patent-pending frame design with transverse wheels
    -Small Footprint 22.88″W x 24.4″H x 12.25″D (Half the size of a gas blower)
    -Dynamic Battery Control System that protects the battery during charge/discharge as well as monitors all cells for optimum performance and diagnostics.

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