Tempest BB-16 Battery Blower


Discover BB-16, the most versatile Tempest battery-powered blower on the market ideal for positive pressure ventilation (PPV), extraction, blowing, misting, foam generation, etc.

Multiple Features of our Battery Powered PPV BB-16:

  • IP66-rated for use Indoor and outdoor. 
  • 50-Minute Run-Time at 10,940 CFM tested to AMCA standards with Removable Battery.
  • 50-Minutes of run-time at max power.
  • As a fire suppressant foam blower with adapter.
  • For positive pressure ventilation (PPV) alone or combined with other fans or blowers.
  • For blowing or extraction through ducts.
  • For crew rehabilitation after an intervention.
  • Removable Battery quickly slides in and out.
  • Fast Charging battery – fully recharges in 3 hours.
  • A built-in charger that allows for charging even while running.
  • Only 51 lbs. with battery and only 42 lbs. without.
  • Small Footprint 22″L x 21″H x 11″D (It’s half the size of a gas blower/fan).
  • The Wide Tilt Range +65° to -90° with a locking system allows for flat positioning to cover a utility hole.
  • Each blower includes powerful LED Flow-Path Lighting, positioned low on the blower for easier visibility below the smoke.


  • Blower: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: 1 Year / 500 Charge Cycles

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