Low Expansion Foam Nozzle Expander

Low Expansion Foam Nozzles Expander Leader Back View
Foam Nozzle Low Expansion Red Side view
Low Expansion Foam Nozzle Leader Red Side View

EXPANDER FiberTech foam nozzles: low expansion foam nozzles, ergonomic, compact and efficient.

  • Quality foam
    Thanks to its diffusion nozzle, the foam generated by the EXPANDER offers an expansion x 10.
  • Optimized range
    The small aluminum barrel is based on a patent, providing an optimized range in view of the extraordinary compactness of the EXPANDER.
  • Ergonomic and compact
    EXPANDER foam nozzles offer a pistol grip to facilitate their operation during the intervention and, thanks to their small barrel, they are easy to store in the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Anti-corrosion
    EXPANDER nozzles have a FiberTech composite body. They are thus more resistant to foam concentrates and other chemical agents than nozzles made of aluminum.


  • Low Expansion Foam Nozzles Expander Leader

product characteristics

EXPANDER low expansion foam nozzles are available in 60 or 90 gpm @ 100 psi. With a FiberTech body, ball valve, small aluminum barrel, and a pistol-style handle, they are very light, compact, and well balanced for operation. EXPANDER foam nozzles are easy to hold and have an unrivaled foam quality thanks to an excellent air suction system.

Data Sheet


FLOW RATE 60 gpm @ 100 PSI
95 gpm @ 100 PSI
INLET See Image Below
LENGTH 15″ L x 4.5″ I x 10″ H
WEIGHT 4 lbs
OPTION DSP40 inlet coupling

Leader Low Expansion Foam Nozzle


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