EVG230 NEO - PPV Variable-Speed Drive Electric Fan - 17,010 CFM

EVG230 NEO Electric Powered Leader Fans
EVG230 NEO Electric Powered Leader Fans


  • EVG230 NEO Electric Powered Leader Fans


A very concentrated and ultra-powerful jet of air due to an optimal combination of:

  • A high-strength propeller matched to the power of the engine
  • A red double-layer monobloc shroud made of reinforced high-density polyethylene
  • A high-tech composite grille

Positioning from 3 Ft to 19.7 Ft in front of a door without loss of power for:

  • more space to move about
  • less noise inside the building


Open air flow 17,010 CFM
Air flow according to AMCA 11,625 CFM
Weight 78.3 lbs
Dimensions L x H x P 21.6″ x 22″ x 19.3″
Propeller diameter 16.5″
Engine 1.1 kW with variable speed drive GFCI compatible – IP55
Runs on 15 A circuit breaker and compatible with GFCI circuit breaker
Power supply Single phase – 115V±10% 50/60Hz
Electrical safety Meets EN 50178 for user safety (leakage current less than 3.5 mA)
Power consumption in steady operation 13.9 A
Mains plug US male plug – 110 V
Noise level 85,2 dB at 10 ft
Ventilation type Blowing – VPP
Application Single door – houses, small apartment blocks


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