April 12, 2021 – FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – GreenScreen is the first ecolabel for PFAS-free firefighting foams which preserve environment and health. This certification attests the foam is totally free of fluorinated derivatives (PFAS including PFOS, PFOA and PFCs). Some of them are recognized as Persistent in the environment, Bioaccumulable and Toxic to living organisms.

GreenScreen certification is supported by Clean Production Action, an independent organization promoting the use of inherently safer chemicals in products and PFAS-free firefighting foams.

ECOPOL is a synthetic multipurpose alcohol-resistant (AR) concentrate free of fluorine component. This AR-F3 foam has great foaming and wetting properties and is highly efficient in fire extinguishment and burnback resistance against a variety of risks: class B hydrocarbon as well as polar solvent and class A fires.

ECOPOL F is a class A foam dedicated for forest and wildland fires. This fluorine-free foam has high wetting properties to extinguish efficiently class A fires. Compatible with ground and aerial foam applications and efficient with salt, fresh and brackish water.

Discover these eco-friendly fire suppresion foams

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