24-HD-T-EP Tall Explosion Proof Motor

24-HD-T Heavy Duty Industrial Ventilation Cooling Fan
24-HD-T Heavy Duty Industrial Ventilation Cooling Fan

The 24-HD-T-EP is the identical design to the original 24-HD with an additional 2.5′ of height.

  • Welded Steel Roll Cage Frame
    The Tempest 24-HD-T showcases a solid, welded steel roll-cage frame. The 1″ square tubing completely encloses and protects the internal components of the fan such as the shroud, motor and fan blades. The frame joints are welded rather than bolted. Bolted joints may work themselves loose over time due to vibrations from the motor. This unit is designed and manufactured to take a beating.
  • Heavy-Duty Shroud And Grille
    The elongated shroud increases air velocity and keeps the air pattern tight. Its design allows the attachment of Tempest Smooth Bore Ducting for ventilation over increased distances. The grille meets both UL and CE safety requirements and helps to keep foreign objects out of danger of the fan blades.
  • Single Speed Motor
    This Tempest fan comes standard with a single speed electric TEFC motor with an output of 1.0 HP. The TEFC electric motor is matched perfectly with the fan blade’s size and pitch to produce the most effective air movement possible.
  • Large 10″ Rubber Wheels
    These specific wheels will never go flat and are large enough to roll over almost anything you’ll run into: Rocks, mud, pipe, glass; you name it. Where ever you need this fan, you’ll be able to get it there quickly and safely. Even at over 4.9′ tall, these wheels make the “Tall Boy” easy to move maneuver.
  • High CFM Output
    Due to the applications in which they are needed, Tempest fans feature some of highest CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air possible in a midsize mobile unit; the 24-HD-T is no exception. The blades are designed specifically for the 1 HP motor the fan uses to allow for the greatest performance possible. The enclosed shroud directs the air pattern over greater distances towards the desired location. When looking to ventilate an area in high risk environments, you can’t afford not to go with a Tempest.
  • Adjustable Tilt
    The 24-HD-T allows the user to easily adjust the fan tilt from +30 degrees upward to -50 degrees downward at 10 degree increments. The 8 position tilt is easily adjusted by simply pulling the tilt latch open and adjusting the air pattern to the desired level. 80 degrees of tilt allows for ventilation at a wide variety of heights.
  • Explosion Proof Motor Option
    The 24-HD-T can be outfitted with an optional explosion proof motor. This hazardous locations motor is rated to operate safely in Class I, Groups C & D (Group C: Propane and Ethylene / Group D: Benzene, Butane, Methane & Propane) and Class II, Groups F & G environments (Group F: Carbon & Charcoal / Group G: Flour, Starch, Wood & Plastic). When dealing with potentially flammable environments, explosion proof (EP) is a must.
  • Explosion Proof Switch Option
    A perfect pairing to the explosion proof motor, the EP switch allows the user to safely turn on or shut off the fan conveniently by simply flipping a switch located on the motor. Without the EP switch, the fan may only be switched on and off by connecting/disconnecting the power cord.


24-HD-T Heavy Duty Industrial Ventilation Cooling Fan Tempest


The 24-HD-T-EP is the identical design to the original 24-HD with an additional 2.5′ of height. An extended vertical reach for the 24-HD was needed in the Oil & Gas industry in order to ventilate above raised platforms from ground level. At just over 1.5 m, the Tall Boy features a wide foot print for surprise stability and its large 10″ wheels allow for easy mobility.

Data Sheet

TYPE General Ventilation Fan, Hazardous Locations
BLADE 24″ Diameter Assembly Made Up of 8 Composite Blades, Bolted to a Center Hub
FRAME Welded 1″ Square Steel Tubing with Powder-Coat Finish
SHROUD Rolled Steel with Powder-Coat Finish
BUSHING Keyed Shaft and Set or Cap Screws
GRILL Continuous Circular Wound External-Weld Steel Wire with 8 Tie Points for additional Safety – Steel is Zinc-Plated with a Clear Chromate Finish
MOTOR/DRIVE 1.0 HP Single Speed Electric TEFC Motor
Designed to run on 15 AMP Circuit – Actual Draw Approx. 14 AMP
Approx. Amp Draw -14 AMP
EXPLOSION PROOF MOTOR OPTION Rated for Class I (Group C & D) and Class II (Group F & G) Environments
Includes Explosion Proof Switch
MAXIMUM CORD LENGTH 14 GA. – 60′ 12 GA. – 95′ 10 GA. – 150′ 8 GA. – 240′ 6 GA. – 380′
TILT Manual 8 Position Fan/Motor Tilt at 10 degree increments: Max +30 to -50 degrees
Part No. Model No. Dia. HP CFM Dimensions (W” x D” x H”) Weight Options
700-300 24-HD-T 24″ 1.0 12,867 30.00″ x 32.00″ x 63.00″ 150 lbs. Explosion Proof


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