USAR Equipment

The LEADER search and rescue equipment provides technicality and effectiveness to rescue teams during USAR operations.


The LEADER search and rescue equipment range consists of the following complimentary tools: Listening equipment (vibration or seismic detectors, also known as geostereophones), search cameras to view victims, radar movement detectors, or an unstable structure stability monitor to keep specialists safe when working in, or nearby, unstable structures.


All this rescue equipment perfectly reflects the Search and Rescue (SAR) General Operating Procedures.


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USAR Equipment

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  • Stability Monitor Leader Sentry B1 Front View

    Stability Monitor Leader Sentry B1

    • Firefighter and USAR applications
      Leader SENTRY laser allows to monitor the distance of the structure to be monitored during a fire, as well as during a rescue-clearance operation.
    • Wireless connection
      The Single laser can be paired with an optional remote control allowing easy management of all settings at 100m distance. This option avoids going back and forth to the laser.
    • Accurate for optimal safety
      Leader SENTRY detects a movement of 5 mm at a distance of 30 m. A telescopic sight can point accurately the unstable structure targeted.
    • Versatility
      Multiple maximum movement thresholds (from 5 to 100 mm) can be selected. When a movement is sensed that exceeds the selected threshold, the sound alarm is triggered (98 dB). It continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes on its screen for real-time awareness.
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