PATHMaster Smoke Curtain

PATHMaster Smoke Curtain Leader
PathMaster smoke curtain - Firefighting Equipment - Tempest

The ability for any fire department to rapidly deploy barriers aiding in directing fire movement.

  • Never Block Point Of Egress
    Only prevents air movement through the opening, not personnel. Deploys in any doorway or window opening without obstructing the point of egress unlike closing the door or window. Frees up personnel from having to manage a closed doorway.
  • Control The Flow Path
    Allows a firefighter to easily open and close flow paths. Puts fire movement/growth control in the department’s hands. Application based on recent research conducted by UL FSRI on interior flow paths.
  • Amplify PPV/PPA – Increase Pressure
    Effectively reduce doorway size allowing closer fan placement while maintaining necessary air seal. Fan closer to the ventilation point increases internal pressures and resulting ventilation rates from 50 to 100%.
  • Control Smoke Movement & Damage
    Create a temporary blockade, almost entirely eliminating smoke spread and movement between rooms. Keeps escape routes such as stairwells free from blinding and suffocating smoke. Significantly helps to prevent unnecessary smoke risk/damage, saving property.


  • Pathmaster Smoke Curtain - Firefighting equipment - Tempest


Control the Air, Control the Fire. The ability for any fire department to rapidly deploy barriers aiding in directing fire movement, growth and behavior is worth its weight in gold. The Tempest PathMaster® Smoke Curtain is made from a lightweight, fire resistant material which allows for any firefighter to do just that.

Data Sheet

FABRIC Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass. Heat resistant up to 1100°F/600°C*

*Use in temperatures exceeding 500°F/260°C will slowly degrade the fabric’s protective coating. This is normal and does not immediately affect the PathMaster’s® function. The unit’s fabric is designed to be replaced easily if/when its protective coating has been compromised beyond use.

FRAME 1.25″ Aluminum Square Tubing with Quick Ratchet/Screw Width Adjustment
Part No. Description Dimensions Collapsed
Span Width Height
715-001 PathMaster® Smoke Curtain 28.00″ x 2.00″ x 21.50″ 28″ to 46″ (Adjustable) 75″
715-002 PathMaster® Smoke Curtain XL 36.00″ x 2.00″ x 21.50″ 36″ to 59″ (Adjustable) 75″


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